Within The Wessex Synod, individuals, groups, churches and the Synod Structure all aim to identify the many places and ways where God is at work and to find our place within this Mission Dei.  In this webpage there are descriptions of our various work in the area of Mission, and links to offer further information.

Wessex Synod deploys two Development and Support Officers, and also currently has three working groups (see below), each with a specific and distinctive priority within our overall Mission and Outreach work.  We also link into the Assembly Mission Committee through our representative Ray Stanyon, to offer two-way sharing of information and practice.

Church and Society Group
This group focuses on making our society more Christlike – putting flesh on the bones of our regular prayer of “Thy Kingdom Come and Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”.  The Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) is a cooperation between churches and our C&S uses the JPIT priorities to help the whole Synod seek justice for all in our world.

Contact Convenor: Tim Clark minister@bucklandurc.org.uk

Quick link to JPIT website: https://jpit.uk/

Mission Development Group

This group focuses more on finding ways to speak of the Good News of God’s salvation.   We work on Pioneering new forms of church and also helping congregations to foster enthusiasm to develop our more familiar models.

Contact Convenor: David Downing revmandm@gmail.com


World Church Group

Teams work best when every member is learning from each other – this group aims to share best practices with and from our partner churches worldwide.  Many churches within the Synod have personal links with the world church through missionary contacts, and church twinning – this group seeks to encourage others to engage in this way also for mutual blessing.

In addition, the Synod has formal links with the Lusaka Province of the United Church of Zambia, and also with the United Protestant Church of France.   We have an exchange programme for mutual growth with Lusaka and also with France via “Le Weekend”.

Contact Convenor: Helen Everard helen.everard158@gmail.com